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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time to Re-Base the 6mm Napoleonics

Time to re-base my 6mm Napoleonics, because in their current configuration:
  1. They do not get used enough.
    1. Too many different basing schemes I started, but did not finish.
    2. Many schemes are not compatible with enough rules I am interested in trying.
  2. Those rules that the basing schemes are compatible with – rules that allow "any" basing scheme – play better if the "recommended" scheme is used.
  3. Of the three schemes currently in use: one uses bases too small for what I want; one uses bases too large for what I want; and one looks too thin and scraggly for 6mm.
So, it is time to re-base (or sell them, which I cannot bear the thought of doing). I am looking about about 1,200 infantry, 400 cavalry, and maybe 20 artillery (no limbers). Who knows how many Commanders.

I have decided to use 40mm wide by 20mm deep bases for infantry, 40mm square for artillery, and possibly 40mm wide by 30mm deep for cavalry (still thinking on that last one). A 40mm stand allows me to have eight files wide and two ranks deep (16 figures) for the infantry. Three ranks deep would look strange because the ratio of unit frontage to depth would be way off for most rules. This allows a Baccus "unit" to be stretched to 1 1/2 bases with the new scheme. It also allows me to use 40mm or 2" hexes (the former is the size of Heroscape hexes) and the units will fit inside nicely.

The rules I am looking to use are:
  • De Bellis Napoleonicus (DBN) - 1 base per element/unit
  • Lasalle - 4 bases per battalion (six for Austrian "big" battalions)
  • Black Powder - probably four bases per battalion also (three for small and six for large)
  • A Borg-inspired design of my own
  • Possibly even Napoleon at War - I have purchased, but not received these yet. Heard good things about them, however.
I'll post pictures as I get some bases done. As it is 6mm, and the bases are so small, you cannot really get very "dioramic" with them, as I did in the past.
If I like Black Powder I may do the same thing with my 6mm collection of American Civil War, which has never seen a game. Still looking for a set of rules for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. Wasn't keen on 1870 or They Died for Glory. Still looking.


  1. A very old post but it seems we went through the exact same thinking process. I am basing for DBN my 6mm Napoleonics, 4x2cm for infantry, etc... thinking also of playing BP with 3-4-6 bases. With 6 years of experience now, what are your conclusions, dos and don't? Hindsight would be most helpful.

    1. Although using metric bases seems to be the norm for 6mm figures, I cannot stand the base being the exact width of the frontage of the figures, so given that Baccus infantry is on a 20mm frontage, all of my bases are now 1" width. Using such small bases allows you the maximum flexibility as it allows you to game on very small tables, if you wish, while still allowing you to use movement trays to large units.

      The large, dioramic bases look the best, by far, but: a) they are a LOT of work; and b) they have NO flexibility. By large, I mean like 6" wide by 3" deep. I would put a Brigade (four battalions), Brigadier, and some scenery on the base. They would work for DBN, but would really require a lot of space.


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