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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Updates to DB-AWI

I've had problems getting to this site (can't create blog entries after work because is blocked, darn it), but I have tapped into a neighbor's wireless connection (I've just moved too) so I'll make a quick entry.

I hope to get a game in this weekend, but I umpired (watched) one a couple of weeks ago. It led to me consider several more changes:

1. Lower the ranges to 100, 200, and 300 paces. This means that open order infantry, unless it has a rifle, no longer gets a longer range. Longer ranges for the same weapon is probably the hardest thing to justify in DBN, so probably that is not a big deal. I am generally concerned that the British will simply lower the bayonets and charge - which should not generally work, especially with Continentals, as they haven't softened the enemy up yet - as the factors for close combat are higher and the results more decisive.

2. Change the rifles to firing on their turn only, unless they are fired upon, in which case they can return fire. This makes the rifles still deadly accurate (high factor), but slower firing, which is exactly the result I want.

3. Infantry can no longer charge cavalry unless the cavalry is disordered. This happened in the last game.

4. Cavalry is deadlier against disordered troops (as it should be).

5. Added the "move through" and "recoil through" tables, so it is now clearer who can move through whom.

6. Added the points system for army selection and a half-baked army list for the British during the Southern Campaign in the Carlolinas. I think I need to split out lists for Cornwallis, Tarleton, Rawdon, Arnold, Other British Officers, and finally Loyalists.

Any interest in scenarios? I have been doing a lot of reading on the Southern Campaign and it is helping me shape the rules (mounted infantry is next).

I am looking at trying to play the really small scenarios (100-300 men per side) so the games would be 1-4 bases per unit, so the rules would have to account for that. That may be later, however.

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