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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Infantry Aces Cassino up to 700 points

Well we are in turn two of our Infantry Aces Cassino campaign. We can now buy up to 700 points and add Support elements, however Tank and Transport teams are still not allowed. Further, Support elements cannot take or hold objectives.

So I started thinking about what I would take for my force. Here was my last 500 point force:
  • Company HQ with CiC and 2iC
  • Grenadier Platoon with three squads
  • Grenadier Platoon with three squads
  • HMG Platoon with two sections
  • Panzer II turret
  • HMG Nest
  • HMG Nest
  • Three trench sections (24")
So far, I was happy with everything except the trench sections. There had usually been enough terrain that it was unnecessary to start in them. (Plus, I was trying the trick to dig in within 6" of the trenches so that when I broke off from assault, I would be able to retreat into the trenches.) So, I never really knew what to do with them. Need more practice, clearly.

For starters I have to figure out if I want to continue defending all of the time or not. If not, the fortifications have to go, but I need something with punch to attack with. Confident Trained Grenadiers are probably not going to do it.

I definitely need more reliable pinning than simply throwing lead and hoping to get five hits. So the choice is mortar or sniper (4 tubes versus 2 snipers). With the Germans the mortar also gives me smoke, so it seems like the more reasonable choice, especially if I am going to attack. But, with only one battery, I cannot both smoke and pin, so combining the two options does have merit. And they cost exactly 200 points, which is the force limit increase. So, switching out the HMG platoon for the 8cm mortar platoon would give me pinning power.

But, that still leaves me assaulting with Confident Trained, which is less likely to hit in assault (4+) and less likely to counterattack (4+) if the enemy does not break in the first round. Oh for some Fearless Veterans ... like the Fallschirmjager platoon I can take as Support!

I could take a two squad (seven team) platoon and, combined with the mortars and the sniper, have a smoke and pin force. At least against one enemy platoon... Once that platoon is taken out, the sniper is unlikely to be able to reach a second platoon, so that means taking a second sniper. Now 200 points have been committed to the pinning and smoking support, leaving me with only enough points to get the smalle FJ platoon.

Another problem with this idea is that the sniper may not be able to reach the enemy objective with fire. As he can only setup in my deployment area of No Man's Land (which typically goes as far as the center line, if the objective can be more than 16" from the center line then its fire could possibly not reach the defending platoon sitting behind it.

Another option is to stay with defense, but give myself some counter-punch. The FJ platoon would fill the bill nicely in that it is unlikely to falter in Motivation. With them at 185 points, and the 15 points from the trenches, I could buy a second Panzer II turret, which game everyone so many fits last time. (Besides, I have a 6' board to protect this time.)

With the HMG platoon and the 8cm mortar platoon the same price, I can pretty much choose either one, depending upon the mission. If I go defensive, it seems like the HMGs would be better suited, especially as my Infantry Ace will be able to throw down one 8cm template and one 10.5cm template per game.

A lot to think about. Looks like I will finally get my Fallschirmjagers onto the table, however!

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  1. What army list are you using to get the fortifications?


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