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Friday, June 24, 2011

German AA Halftrack

As part of my project to photograph my collection, here is the first of them that I have finished basing. There are three Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm) armored half-tracks to protect my King Tiger and Panzergrenadier forces. Light, mobile anti-aircraft guns are great for covering a tank or half-track force as it can keep up. It also makes a good stop-gap defense supporting static infantry against assaulting infantry. With a rate of fire of 6, those 18 shots are going to hurt a Strelkovy company. And as they are armored, they cannot be pinned by enemy fire.

I bought these models from Don, who bought them painted off of eBay. They are really well painted, even though it is a simple paint job. I have them mounted on 3" by 1" bases (not a standard Flames of War size, but one I use for many half-tracks and tanks) so they are easier to grab and so the flocking adds a consistency between these and other German forces.

The figure on the left shows the small metal plate that I glued to the bottom of the gun turret, while the flat bed of the half-track contains a small rare earth magnet. This will be sufficient to keep the two stuck together during play.

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