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Friday, May 27, 2011

More Flames of War Forgetfulness

It is not easy remembering all of the rules to Flames of War. There are a lot of rules there. One way I tried to get them memorized was to type them out by hand. As the rule book contains a lot of 'fluff' - commentary that describes why a rule exists - I decided to create a bare-bones 'condensed' rule book that contained only the actual rules (the portion written in italics). Doing this really helped me understand a number of rules regarding movement and shooting, but I have yet to finish it. Maybe it is time to start that project again. (Besides, it gives me a document that I can have on other computers, where I can look up a rule when I don't have the official rule book handy.)

So, I was listening to back episodes of the What Would Patton Do and Radio Free Battlefront podcasts - both of which I highly recommend to Flames of War gamers - and a quick comment was made by Steve, I believe, from WWPD, that "don't forget that Company Command teams are Warriors and thus get a save when Destroyed". I stopped the podcast and grabbed the rule book, found the section, and sure enough, there was the rule. So, that is yet one more thing Don (and I) forgot to do in the last game. I don't usually lose my Company Commander, so it does not come up much for me, but it is an important rule to remember.

Basically the rule says that if Destroyed, a Warrior rolls an additional die and if the result is 4+, the Team is removed from the table and that is it. But, if you roll a 1-3, the Warrior moves to another Team of the appropriate type and take its over. Sort of like Mission Tactics for Warriors. The key here is that the Warrior needs to be within Command Distance of the other team in order for the Warrior to hop from the Destroyed Team to the new one. (In the case of my game with Don, I am pretty sure that his Company Command Team was within Command Distance of the 2iC Command Team, so it would have had the effect of changing the 2iC to a CiC.)

The final verdict on the HQ Support Weapons platoon is that it does not count as a platoon for deployment purposes (it was the last line of rules in that section), but it also does not count as a destroyed platoon, nor towards the total count of platoons, for morale purposes. Now the question is: does it count for Victory Point purposes? If not, then I would not have had to pull the unit using the Head to the Rear rule, but would have had to continue to make Sole Survivor checks every turn.

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