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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DBAS - Contemplating the Simplest Moves

To start let's consider the moves of a single element against a single element. There are basically three moves to contact:

Move to Front Contact Move to Flank Contact Move to Rear Contact
Move to Front Contact Move to Flank Contact Move to Rear Contact
Moving into flank contact from the left and right are technically two different moves, but functionally they are the same given our "universe" with no other factors.

This leads me to wonder: if there are no other factors - this is simply one element on one element and no other element comes into play now, or in the near future (i.e. within the Zone of Control of an enemy element or within one move of contact) - is there really any difference between the three moves? Does it necessitate cataloging all three variations and ranking them separately?

At this point, I am willing to say yes catalog them, just to be complete. But at this point I have no means of saying one move is more or less valuable than another, so they will all be scored the same. As I catalog other moves, I think either the proper scoring will come to light, or the need to differentiate these moves will disappear.

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