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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Campaign Idea

Ira and I finished out the Spring turn for our Hoplite campaign (finally!) and it got me to thinking about a discussion I had with Don for doing an ancients campaign.

So, Ira and I have a campaign where we resolve the battles in DBA. Events in one battle result in effects in the next battle. This is exactly what I want in a campaign: consequences for actions and linkage between battles. So far it has worked out pretty well, but I think it could be better.

Don has shown a lot of interest in Command & Colors: Ancients (CCA) lately, so we've been playing games of that too. I told Don that there was a web site that took the DBA army lists and converted some of them over to CCA. So, we could essentially play out a DBA campaign using the CCA rules.

Last night it struck me that the two campaigns could be combined: as the DBA army lists could be translated to CCA (and vice versa), you could play a campaign and then choose whichever rules struck your fancy at the time to fight out the battles. Of course, you would have to figure out a few things like which rules to use if both players disagreed, etc. but I think it is a very workable idea.

As for time commitment: hell look at my blog and see how long we take between games. Even if you play only one battle per month, it still shows continuity between games, which is the goal.

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