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Monday, March 15, 2010

Testors and Polly S Paints

I went to Ace Hobby the other week and picked up two reds, just so I could test the covering power of Testors and Polly S paints, compared to Games Workshop. I must say, they both impressed me. I used Polly S and Floquil as a kid and I remember that its covering power was good, but GW had always impressed me as better, especially with white and red. It seems Polly S is better than I remember it, so they may have changed their formulas.

Testors Model Master acrylic paints are really something. The one I bought, Italian Red (which is supposed to be a Ferrari red), is bright and has great covering power, but is glossy like enamels. I have found that the GW wash, especially when I do it twice as indicated in my last blog post, takes the gloss away. Further, it makes really nice lines with a small liner brush,so I am getting good results making borders on tunics and patterns on cloaks. I've made a note to try the yellows and white next, as it may solve some painting problems for me.

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