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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stop-motion DBA Battle

I decided to mount my camera on a tripod and snap a picture at the end of each bound. This gives the battle an interesting stop-motion effect. UPDATE: I have decided to provide a link to the battle as loading the picture is a nuisance while trying to read the blog. Here is the original animation showing the battle flow. Here is an enhanced version which provides a better understanding of what you are looking at.

This battle was to test out the latest ideas in the DBA Solus rules (rules for playing DBA solo). I have been playing a lot of games using Ancient Spanish and Polybian Romans, so I decided to try something different: Later Sparta versus Later Thessaly. As the Thessalians were the NPG army, this would allow me to test out scoring multiple moves as I would be using 3xLH in their army.

If you want to see it play again, you will have to refresh the page. I don't have the GIF looping endlessly (I find it distracting while trying to read).

As you can see, the Thessalians (on the left), succeed in flanking the Spartans with their Light Horse and Auxilia pouring out of the woods, but it is all for naught as a single Spartan Spears element holds them up turn after turn, surviving three rounds of combat when flanked and at 2-2 on the combat factors. That was one fierce fighting unit! The Spartans won 4-1.

Some really good data came from this battle for beefing up the Tactical Engine in DBAS. Expect to see a paper coming out on the Solo DBA Yahoo forum detailing the changes.

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  1. Heck I do like your idea :)

    Thanks for going to all the effort


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