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Monday, March 15, 2010

More with Citadel Washes

I started with washing the flesh areas with Citadel washes over white, but I found recently a craft paint color called "Santa Flesh", which is a very pale flesh color. Washing over that produced a nice result (pictures to follow). I tried using a base of GW Bleached Bone, but that did not turn out all that well (well, it would for zombies), but not so horrible that I repainted the figure. I was going for an olive-skinned color.

I pretty much use Citadel washes for clothing now. Xyston makes some nice figures with good folds in the tunics and cloaks, so it is very conducive to washing. I paint a medium color, wash once, paint a highlight on the top of the folds then wash again. A good example is using the GW Foundation Red, washing with GW Red wash, highlighting with GW Blood Red, washing again wih GW Red wash. I'll try and post some pictures of that too. I just finished up some Spartan cavalry and this is the technique I used for them. I've also found using the GW Tanned Flesh, washed in GW Red, and highlighted with GW Dwarf Flesh works as a faded red - good for Spartan psiloi, hammipoi, and helots hordes. I'd still use the brighter reds for the peltasts, however.

So, washing has been working for me, better than the three-layer painting method, which I find tedious and produces starker contrasts - although that is probably the color combination that I am choosing.

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