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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Updates to HOTR and HOTR Scenarios

I've updated the main HOTR notes and the HOTR scenarios.

Grasshoppers: This is a new element type representing 3 pounder (Grasshopper) artillery. It has a 2 AP cost, fires like a HOTT Shooter, and moves at the speed of Shock Infantry.

I created this element as I was finding too many historical skirmishes and battles that had 3 pounder guns present, but because of the 3 AP cost for artillery, I had to match it with purchasing a 1 AP element like Militia or Bushwhackers. Generally that is not a problem for the Patriot side, but for the British, I sometimes had to fudge. So, it made sense to create a lightweight artillery element and cost it at 2 AP, removing the need to fudge.

Darkness: I've added rules for fighting in darkness. This allows me to use some of the night attack and dawn attack skirmishes and battles.

Dawn Breaks: I've added rules for determining when dawn breaks, thus nullifying the darkness rules.

Originally, all of these rules were in the Scenarios document and now they are pulled out and in the HOTR Notes document.

Finally, I've added some basing options and suggestions. Militia should be more like Horde and Shock Infantry and Line Infantry should be more like Blades and Spears in their basing.

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