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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Slight switch today (I'll get back to AWI soon): talking about Days of Wonder's/Fantasy Flight Games' Battlelore (BL). This is another Richard Borg design that has a lot in common with Command & Colors: Ancients (CCA). However, there are a few subtle changes that I think makes BL superior to CCA.
  1. Battle Back: This is the same mechanism as in CCA, however you only get to do it under certain circumstances. By exploiting when a unit can and cannot Battle Back, you can chip away at the enemy with increased safety.
  2. Support: If a unit has friendly units in two of the adjacent hexes, it is considered supported, and thus is Bold in morale. Being Bold allows you to ignore one Retreat more than you normally would and it allows you to Battle Back.
The Support rule is really the key. By keeping a solid line, you can ensure everyone gets to Battle Back when attacked (assuming they don't retreat or are killed, of course). However, if you can force a retreat in the middle of the line, you get the effect of breaking the Support in the middle. This provides an effective representation of a breakthrough. Also, rolling up the flanks actually works if the end of the line does not have proper Support. Finally, cavalry have to think a little before charging off alone or pursuing, as they do so without other units available to provide Support.

I am working my way through the scenarios again, thinking about a campaign game so I can link the battles together.

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