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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TWTUD Playtest

So, I decided to try a virtual playtest of the rules The World Turned Upside Down, the new AWI rules I purchased, but because the figure requirements are so large (800 figures for a small game) I have to do it with pencil and paper. I will write up each of the steps here.

Step 1: determine the leaders for each side. Roll 1D6 and 2D6 for each side and the number rolled is the seniority of the General. The British get Earl Percy (ability 4), and Von Heister (Hessian, 4), while the Americans get Ward (2) and Spencer (3).

Step 2: determine the attacker. British ability total is 4+4 = 8 and the Americans are 2+3 = 5. The British are the attackers.

Step 3: determine the army sizes. The British have 1,000 British troops and 1,000 Hessian troops. The Americans have 2,000 Continentals and 1,000 militia.

Step 4: determine the year (1D6 + 1774) = 1778.

Step 5: determine the force composition. I will not repeat the tables from the rules, so here are the British forces:
  • 1 British Veteran unit of 250
  • 2 British Veteran units of 200 each
  • 1 British Experienced unit of 250
  • 1 British Cavalry unit of 100
  • 1 Hessian Elite unit of 250 (Grenadiers)
  • 1 Hessian Veteran unit of 300
  • 1 Hessian Raw unit of 300
  • 1 Hessian Jaeger unit of 150
  • 9 artillery batteries - 5 light, 3 medium, and 1 heavy
  • 1 British Brigadier General of Ability 5
  • 1 Hessian Brigadier General of Ability 4
The American forces are as follows:
  • 1 Continental Picked Experienced unit of 250
  • 2 Continental Experienced unit of 200
  • 1 Continental Raw unit of 250
  • 1 Continental Raw unit of 200
  • 1 Continental Cavalry unit of 100
  • 1 Continental Picked Raw unit of 200
  • 3 Continental Raw units of 200
  • 1 Militia Experienced Rifle unit of 250
  • 2 Militia Experienced units of 250
  • 1 Militia Raw unit of 250
  • 6 artillery batteries - 3 light, 2 medium, and 1 heavy
  • 1 Continental Brigadier General of Ability 3
  • 1 Continental Brigadier General of Ability 5
  • 1 Militia Brigadier General of Ability 2
Note that every 25 men is a base of four figures.

Step 6: determine the terrain type - Farmland.

Step 7: determine the type of battle - Attacker Ambushes the Defender. (Ouch!)

Step 8: determine the locations of the battlefield. The defender gets four locations, which are: Village, Field, Field, and Hill. The attacker gets two locations, which are: Field and Hill.

Next: layout the locations.

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