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Saturday, February 12, 2011

TWTUD Playtest Part 2

Revisit Step 5: After you determine the forces available to you, you have to divide them up into commands:

  1. Crown Forces
    1. British General Earl Percy
      1. British Experienced Bn (250)
      2. British Cavalry (100)
    2. British Brigadier General
      1. British Veteran Bn (250)
      2. British Veteran Bn (200)
      3. British Veteran Bn (200)
    3. Hessian General von Heister
      1. Hessian Elite Bn (250)
      2. Hessian Raw Bn (300)
    4. Hessian Brigadier General
      1. Hessian Veteran Bn (300)
      2. Hessian Jaegers (150)
    5. Unattached
      1. 1 Heavy Battery
      2. 3 Medium Batteries
      3. 5 Light Batteries
  2. Patriot (Rebel) Forces
    1. General Ward
      1. Continental Raw Regt (200)
      2. Continental Raw Regt (200)
    2. General Spencer
      1. Continental Raw Regt (250)
      2. Continental Raw Regt (200)
      3. Continental Picked Raw Regt (200)
    3. Continental Brigadier General (3)
      1. Militia Experienced Rifle Regt (250)
      2. Militia Raw Regt (250)
      3. Continental Raw Regt (200)
    4. Continental Brigadier General (5)
      1. Continental Picked Experienced Regt (250)
      2. Continental Experienced Regt (200)
      3. Continental Experienced Regt (200)
      4. Continental Cavalry Regt (100)
    5. Militia Brigadier General
      1. Militia Experienced Regt (250)
      2. Militia Experience Regt (250)
    6. Unattached
      1. 1 Heavy Battery
      2. 2 Medium Batteries
      3. 3 Light Batteries
Step 9: Lay out the locations.

In the figure above, the Americans have laid out the Village at the top (as their Reserve area), the two Fields below, and the Hill on the left. The British have laid out the Field as their Reserve area, and the Hill to the right.

The image is a screenshot from the application Battle Chronicler. As I am going to play this game virtually, I might as well give this application another go.

Step 10: Deploy forces. According to the instructions for an Attacker Ambush, the defender must have forces on each location. (Note that it does not specify only on defender locations!) The attacker then deploys forces on all locations placed by him.

Step 11: Place the links between locations. Once the force are deployed, the attacker places all links in an Attacker Ambush.

Here are the links, without the troops.

The yellow lines are Field links, the white Track links, the red Broken links, and the green Forest links.

Here are the forces deployed, along with the links.

[At this point I stopped, started laying out units on the "table", and found out that it was all not going to fit...]


  1. Interesting, I have been trying to work out how to use battle chronicler to "play" games as well. So far I have been a little frustrated by the unit set up portion. Was it this aspect that led to it not fitting, or the choice of "table" size for the encounter?

  2. This is my second real attempt at using BC, the first being here.

    The basic problem is that TWTUD uses "locations" (terrain pieces) to hold troops, not the whole board. As a location is generally about 12"x6" or 8"x8", and a unit is about 10"x1", this leads to columns of units in every location.

    The table size is 6'x4', but again, that does not come into play because the rules restrict the combat area to, in this case, 6 pieces of the above proportions, or about 400 square inches.

    Either I am doing something wrong or ... oops!


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