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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Memoir '44 - The Fall Gelb Campaign (Part 3)

As a note, I found what winning Bodange game 1) gets you: +1 victory point on the Grand Campaign score. That's better than nothing, but I still like my idea of cutting off a reinforcement too.

Game 5, Airborne Operations campaign, Moerdijk Bridges scenario

In this scenario I used my last reserve token and gained yet another armor unit. I placed it in the center to attack Tweede Tol and the open ground behind.

My strategy was to move my artillery on the right forward to blast the Germans guarding the bridges from a closer range. The infantry on the right would then move in and blow the bridges, getting objective points and victory points. The small force on my left would press towards the Germans on the railroad tracks and blow the bridge there. Everything else was designated to keep the Germans in the backfield, and any reinforcements, occupied.

Instead what happened is that Don had few of the right cards and no good dice. I simply shot him down across the board and eliminated five units before I could even come close to blowing a single bridge. I had won, but not getting any objectives was going to cost me. The Allies won 5-1.

Airborne Operations campaign, Final Score

The Allies won a total of 21 medals, but received 1 objective point, so their campaign score was lowered by -1 victory point, so the final Allied campaign score was 20.

The Axis won a total of 13 medals, but received 1 objective point, so their campaign score was not altered and ended with a campaign score of 13.

With a difference of 7 points, the first campaign is a Major Allied Victory, gaining the Allies 2 additional Grand Campaign points for a total of 22-13!

Further, because the Axis lost this campaign, the roads were not secured for the Panzers, considerably delaying the arrival of armor reinforcements. As a consequence, the Axis may not call up armor units as reserves for the rest of the Grand Campaign! Ouch! Now that hurts, especially as Don is an armor man.

Start of The Diversion campaign

Now we move into the second of three campaigns. The stakes for this campaign are that the winner gets to choose which campaign is played as the third: The Sickle Cut or The Crossing of the Meuse.

Now that a new campaign is started, both the Axis and the Allies get new Strategic Reserve tokens. The Allies get 2 and the Axis get 3. I note that the first scenario, if I win I get to add one Reserve Token to my Strategic Reserve Pool! I've got to win that battle!

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