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Saturday, April 03, 2010

One Monk Miniatures are now free

You can find them here.

For those of you who don't mind a little cutting and gluing - or the fact that the figures are flat - One Monk Miniatures are now all available for free. Jim has decided to return to making paper miniatures as a hobby, rather than as a business, which I applaud.

I started many periods using paper armies and I still think it is the way to go, at the very least until you are sure that: a) you want to game the period; b) you want to use the rules you have decided upon; and c) you want to use the basing scheme indicated by those rules. For example, I wanted to game the Franco-Prussian War using Warmaster and, other than having to draw some of the figures (and convert others' figures, like Jim's) was able to create a French and Prussian army fairly quickly. Hated using those rules for the FPW. Still have the armies all based for it though.

If anyone is interested in posts about using paper armies, post a comment.


  1. A friend and I have been using paper top downs glued to 3mm MDF. We both prefer lead, but the price can be prohibitive when just trying out an army or set of rules.

    The Junior General has many different styles from different periods. It also has fast play rules for use in schools as a historical teaching tool.

  2. I definitely like paper armies, but only for solo play. Most people I know wrinkle their nose when you suggest using them.

    I prefer "flats" over "counters", however, but have used both.

    I like Junior General, and their selection is extensive, but I prefer the chunkier, cartoony styles.


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