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Monday, December 14, 2009

DBA Solo Campaign

The guys at the club have decided to start a DBA campaign (meaning we have decided to think about how to start and what to ponder next), so I decided - with three weeks of vacation on my hands - to start a solo DBA campaign and see what snags I might run into.

The campaign will center around the Early Greek Hoplite armies (I/52) and will include four sides: I/52(b) Spartan, I/52(f) Athenian, I/52(c) Thessalian, and I/48 Thracian. I make up a map later, but Thrace and Sparta can both attack Athens and Thessaly directly but not each other, and Thessaly and Athens can each attack all three opponents. Athens has the extra city.

The first turn consisted of Athens declaring war on Sparta (and vice versa) and Thessaly declaring war on Thrace (and vice versa).

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