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Saturday, December 19, 2009

DBA Hoplite Campaign - Maps and Moves

I finally finished the map. Found a good one on Wikipedia and between it and the game Athens and Sparta I was able to come up with some city and objective names. (The Thracian ones are dubious.)

You can see that this makes Chalcis and Naupactus strategic, as they are links between the allies. Unfortunately for Sparta, Athens controls both. Another anomoly - which I may later correct - is that Thessaly is intentionally linear. Maybe they will build an expressway from Pharsalus to Mount Olympus before the campaign ends. :)

Spring 480 B.C.

Athens and Thrace declare an alliance and both declare war on Thessaly and Sparta. Thessaly and Sparta in turn declare an alliance and both declare war on Athens and Thrace. The armies are positioned as indicated below.

The order for taking turns is decided as: Athens, Sparta, Thessaly, and Thrace.

Athens starts by sending its army from Megara to Corinth. That battle was documented here. The Athenians, having lost the battle, retreat back to Megara.

Sparta advances its army from Corinth to Megara, forcing the Athenian army to again retreat, back to Athens. The Spartans lay siege, as documented here.

The Thessalians, seeing that the Spartans have the Athenians well in hand, move their army through the passes of Mount Olympus and attack the port city of Potidaea. The battle is documented here. The Thessalian army retreats back to Mount Olympus.

It is finally the Thracian turn. They move their army in Potidaea and attack to gain control of the shrines at Mount Olympus.

Now that I have an opponent, I need to wait for his decision on whether he stands and fights (and dies!) or he retreats.

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