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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tightening the Focus of DB-AWI?

One of the things that I have been doing with the rules is playing scenarios that represent smaller actions, for example, Cowpens, Hobkirk's Hill, etc. As I read more and devise scenarios I find my interest goes more towards the Southern Campaign. Naturally, this leads toward lowering the scale of the game more than when gaming the the Philadelphia, New York, Saratoga, or New Jersey campaigns.

Thus, I think more about tightening the focus of DB-AWI to the War in the Carolinas (of which the series Nothing but Blood and Slaughter is an excellent reference) and scaling down to actions with less than 1,000 men per side. Although there is much less hard information on those skirmishes (especially in the area of maps), it has a more "adventure gaming" aspect without getting down into the skirmish gaming weeds.

What does that mean for DB-AWI? Probably a real name for the rules, for one! :) (I have had several sets of rules for the AWI that have borne the name One More Volley.) Also, a change from one element equals one regiment. Definitely an increase in troop types. Other than that, I am not yet sure.

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