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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Been Painting a Lot

I have been side-tracked awhile with painting and basing. I based some more Patriot AWI and finally have a proper General element for both the British and Patriots. I'll try and post some pictures soon.

Also on the painting table is my DBA Philistine army. I have almost everything painted (one more LCh that is unpainted and 2 Ax that are half-way there), but only the General's chariot is based. I am looking forward to using these against Ira's Early Bedouins or Early Libyans. Jesse is talking about getting an Early Hebrew army together and I still have a New Kingdom Egyptian army to be painted.

The Early Egyptian army also looks interesting, with 1/2 blades and 1/2 bows. As the bows can recoil through the blades, you have an interesting combination or shooting and hard fighting foot. With no cavalry or chariots, however, it is a slow, plodding army that would probably not do well out of its period.

I have some more 15mm AWI from Thailand: more Continental Light Dragoons (the ones in the brown jackets with green facings) and some Queens Rangers infantry (to go with my Queens Rangers cavalry). I was planning on sending a batch of troops to DJD, but I missed the shipping deadline (they were having a sale through the end of January). I may ask them to extend the deadline. I have bags of unpainted AWI and I need them to flesh out some of my other units (which they painted) and I want some new units painted. I really need Patriot and Loyalist militia; I have more than enough Continental, British, and Hessian regulars. Anyone have any suggestions on good 15mm AWI militia figures? I am thinking mostly hunting shirts and round hats. I like Musket Miniatures, but I haven't bought those figures from them yet. Same with FreiKorps. I like their FPW figures, but haven't tried the AWI to see if they are as paintable as the FPW.

My big problem right now is too many impulse buys on eBay! I have some 15mm FPW figures on bid and I really wish I hadn't big them. I already have a lot of unpainted 6mm FPW figures. If I hadn't bid, however, I probably would be bidding higher on a Mongol DBA army I have my eye on. I played a recent game with the Mongols against the Medieval Germans and was really impressed with a Light Horse army.

As Jesse has Medieval Germans and Mark is painting Later Polish, I was looking at something really unique: Hussites. I saw an Essex army of them for sale at The Game Matrix and it was $60 unpainted (it has five war wagons, after all) and after a thread on Fanaticus about how to use them, it seems like it might be an interesting, if challenging, army.

Finally, I bought the Chichimec army from Khurasan Miniatures and although they should be a quick army to paint (they are all nude, save for the ... sheaths), I haven't found the inspiration yet on patterns and colors to paint their bodies (they used war paint on them). I figure something like a unit of black and whites, a unit of blues, one of reds, etc. Granted, they should not be "uniform", but if each little tribe (element) used a different set of colors, it would look interesting.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to post some pictures and get another game of DB-AWI in. My gaming group has bailed on me for the last few weeks, so it has been a little bit of a dry spell here (hence all of the painting).

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