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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Light Infantry Changes

Light Infantry in Bad Going: DBN penalizes all but foot skirmishers if in contact and in Bad Going. Foot skirmishers are defined as Jagers, Guerillas, and Light Infantry, so it aligns with the "light infantry and auxilia with muskets" concept. That tells me that I have to change the modifier on my table so that any "other than OO infantry or Light Infantry" are penalized.

So Jesse, thanks for the discussion and making the argument that lights in loose order should not be penalized. It will further differentiate LOI and LOL, which is good. The question then becomes: should light infantry cost 1/2 point more? This would make elite light infantry cost 2 points, which seems a bit excessive.

Light Infantry in Close Order: I had originally allowed light infantry to be as based close, loose, or open order, based upon how they were used tactically. It now makes sense to consider units historically designated as "light infantry", but formed in close order, to simply be close-order infantry (COI) and do away with the close-order light infantry (COL) designation. This essentially makes lights and grenadiers in close order the same. I can live with that! :)

UPDATE: For those that want to see the DB-AWI rules, which are a constant work in progress, I have them available here. Please let me know if you cannot access them. As I update them I will post the notice on this blog, in addition to updating the file in the Sierra Vista Historical Gamers forum on Yahoo.

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