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Thursday, November 20, 2008

DBAWI Design Notes: Firing

I examined how I was doing Close Combat, at least for basic factors and the results table. This entry is for firing factors and the results table.

As I indicated before, I want firing to be more disruptive and close combat to be more decisive. One comment made on another forum is that in order to make combat more decisive, you need to use lower combat factors, making it easier to double. Another method is to change the results table.

In this entry I am simply going to list the firing factors I gamed with. If I experiment with other values I will post them and the results here.

Unit TypeOrderFactorRange
Line InfantryCO+4150 paces
Line InfantryLO+3200 paces
Light InfantryCO+4150 paces
Light InfantryLO+3200 paces
Light InfantryOO+2250 paces
German RiflesOO+3300 paces
American RiflesOO+3400 paces
IndiansOO+1200 paces
ArtilleryLight+2600 paces
ArtilleryMedium+3800 paces
ArtilleryHeavy+41000 paces

As you can see, CO infantry has a slightly better firing than the LO, who is slightly better than OO. Rifles have the range and good factors, although the tactical factors we used may make these numbers too high (more on that later).

What I like about the system is that LO infantry can start shooting 1/2" before the CO infantry can. It might seem minor, but it forces the CO infantry to close in more, which seems right.

As we have not used any artillery yet, I am unsure of how well they will fare, especially as opposed to rifles.

Here are the results tables:

Unit TypeResult if BeatenResult if Doubled
OO CavalryRecoil.Destroyed by LO or CO Infantry, and Artillery, otherwise flee 600 paces.
All Other CavalryRecoil.Destroyed.
ArtilleryCrew recoil.Crew destroyed.
BUA GarrisonNo effect.Destroyed.
Rifles, Indians, and OO Light InfantryRecoil.Destroyed by Rifles, Indians, and OO Light Infantry, otherwise flee 300 paces.
All Other InfantryRecoil.Destroyed.

Slightly different than Close Combat, but pretty much the same.

UPDATE: All references to "Patriot Rifle" are now "American Rifle" to reflect that Loyalist militia can also be armed with the same rifle. This will open up two (and maybe three) new troop types for the British side.

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