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Monday, November 17, 2008

DBAWI Design Notes: Differing Musket Range

Why does the musket's range differ with the type and order of the unit?

In the last blog entry I mentioned that the order of the unit could affect the firing range of the unit, in addition to determining how fast it moved and the effect terrain would play on its movement. This entry discusses the effect order has on range.

The range of a weapon represents the doctrine of the troops using the weapon just as it does for how far the weapon can physically shoot. Troops in CO were under tighter control by the officers and NCOs, who believed that it was better to reserve fire until much closer, where the effect would be much greater. Troops in OO, on the other hand, attempted to aim their weapon. Further, the depth of their base represents that they occupy a larger area of ground and that the figures are constantly moving forward, firing, retreating, and reloading. This implied movement, not represented by movement on the board, also accounts for the increased range.

So, here are the numbers:

Unit TypeOrderRange
Line InfantryCO150 paces
Line InfantryLO200 paces
Light InfantryCO150 paces
Light InfantryLO200 paces
Light InfantryOO250 paces
German RiflesOO300 paces
American RiflesOO400 paces
IndiansOO200 paces
ArtilleryLight600 paces
ArtilleryMedium800 paces
ArtilleryHeavy1000 paces

UPDATE: All references to "Patriot Rifle" are now "American Rifle" to reflect that Loyalist militia can also be armed with the same rifle.

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