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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infantry Aces Cassino at 700 points - Final

Well, final until I play and change the list, that is.

After much thinking, and reading an Infantry Aces battle report where the other player was caught by taking an FJ platoon and remembering (too late) that Support platoons cannot take or contest objectives, I decided I had to dump the Fallschirmjagers. If I wanted them, I should have selected them as my company choice.

Secondly, looking at the list I see that three Nebelwerfers cost about the same (105 points versus 100 points) as four 81mm mortars, but the former are much tougher, it made sense to go with the rockets. I have to remember, however, that the Nebelwerfers cannot contest an objective, so I still need to keep my Combat and Weapons platoons alive and near the objectives.

As the Nebelwerfers don't have gun shields I figured I would buy them some equivalents: Gun Pits. Three only cost 15 points, so it seems like a good deal. Throw in an additional trench for the command team for 5 points and the whole battery cost only 125 points. That should help keep them alive from counter-battery fire.

So, the first 700 point list I will try is:
  • Company HQ (CiC and 2iC)
  • Reichsgrenadier Platoon of 3 Squads
  • Reichsgrenadier Platoon of 3 Squads
  • HMG Platoon of 2 Sections
  • 15cm Nebelwerfer Battery of 1 Section
  • 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon
  • 2 Panzer II turrets
  • 2 HMG Nests
  • 3 Gun Pits
  • 3 Trenches
The Infantry Gun Platoon is only 50 points, brings me up to six platoons (so three can start on-board, at a minimum), and I have the models. Jumping from four platoons to six allows me to start with the fortifications, the Nebelwerfers in their gun pits, and either an HMG platoon in the trenches or a Reichsgrenadier platoon guarding an objective.

I'll have to look at the missions and see if it is possible that I could end up as attacker, but with Reserves. If so, I would make for some very difficult choices.

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