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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wheeled versus Jeep in Flames of War

Some interesting synchronicity has been occurring with me and Flames of War of late. I have been running across rules in the rule book, the More Again Lessons From the Front (MALFTF) guide, the What Would Patton Do (WWPD) podcast, and the Radio Free Battlefront (RFB) podcast and then finding they come up in the next game. A good example is the Shooting Too Successful rule. I first read about it in MALFTF, pointed it out before the start of the next game (as I had missed it in my initial reading of the rules and thought it unusual), had it actually come up in that same game, then listened to an old WWPD podcast later that night in which they reviewed that very rule. Very strange!

Last night's strange moment was listening to the RFB podcast, thought I heard something about half-tracks that I had never heard before so I looked it up in the rules, which caused me to notice that Wheeled movement is not what I thought it was (it is 8" cross-country, not 12"), which in turn caused me to question whether the vehicles I played in last weekend's game with Don were in fact Wheeled, not Jeep. It turns out that the US M20 Utility vehicle is Jeep, but the M8 Greyhound is Wheeled! Boy, would that have changed that last game!

This news also caused me to re-think the whole idea of reconnaissance units using Wheeled (as opposed to Jeep  rated) vehicles. In my mind this kills the British Armored Car Squadron with the Daimler armored car, the British Recce Squadron with the Humber, the US Cavalry Reconnaissance Platoon with the M8 Greyhound, and the Panzerspahkompanie with Sd Kfz 222, as I just don't see how you can survive with slow moving, lightly armored vehicles. Do other people have a lot more roads on their boards than I do?

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  1. Actually most recce/recon vehicles only survive because of the disengage rules. They also are more geared toward tank players who want a challenge. This is do to the fact that they should be used how tanks should be. In that you advance as carefully as possible, strike quickly, then disappear. Also if memory serves wheeled vehicles have less of a chance of being bogged down.


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