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Saturday, February 27, 2010

DBA Tactical Puzzle 01

In the second turn of the game three Spanish Auxilia (lower) are facing off two Roman Psiloi. Assumption: the Spanish need to gain the woods so they are even against the Roman Blades and to avoid the Roman Cavalry (off upper right, not within several moves).

It is the Spanish move and they have two PIPs, but they want to spend one PIP in another section of the board, so unless the move is a good one, you only have one PIP to use. The lead Auxilia in the column is within 300 paces of the Psiloi in front of it, but more than 300 paces from the one on the right. The Roman Blades element (upper left) is more than 200 paces away from providing support to the Psiloi, but if the Psiloi recoiled, it could move to a position of support.

If the Auxilia contacts this turn, it is faced with a 2-2 combat, giving both an equal chance for being doubled. Further, if the Auxilia recoils or is destroyed, for 2 PIPs the Romans have enough movement to contact the Auxilia column frontally and on flank. So, what would your move be?

1 comment:

  1. I would either:
    A. Use both PIPs to move two Auxilia up so that I could force the Ps back next turn.
    B. Expand the Ax in place and use the other PIP elsewhere.

    Fighting at 2:2 with an unprotected flank next move is not ideal. The 2nd Roman Ps would likely close the door next turn if only one element went forward.


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